Stimulating the compensation of employees requires caution, since this is an aspect directly related to the company’s profit and the motivation of the team.

Ravick Recursos Humanos develops remuneration projects, through the implementation of job plans and salaries of variable remuneration, respecting the characteristics of the clients and the objectives of the organization.

To do this, Ravick performs different steps, which help to estimate a company’s value and fair value for the employee: job description, salary survey, position and salary policy, career plans, variable remuneration programs and job definition priority salaries.

The benefit called Profit Sharing or Results, the famous PRL, is one of the projects that arouses the interest of employees and the curiosity of companies. Its application takes place as the established goals are achieved and the result of the company is reached by all those involved in the process.

That is, the payment is made, according to the participation of each one in the results or divided equally.

The implementation of the PRL means that all efforts aimed at the execution of the work can be reverted in greater productivity, quality, delivery time and profitability, also providing greater involvement of all employees in the company’s results.

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