Good business management is only possible through people management. In this way, it is fundamental to maintain a competent human resources department to assist in the organization of recruitment, retention of talents and maintenance of the Organizational Climate.

The consulting and advisory service is aimed at the preparation of diagnoses and processes and has the purpose of raising the client’s needs, identifying solutions and recommending actions.

Ravick Recursos Humanos professional will analyze, for example, the level of performance of the members and / or map what technical and behavioral skills of human capital are necessary for the viability of the projects of the organization.

With this information, the consultant develops, implements and makes feasible the project according to the needs, organizational identity and market strategies of each client.

The consulting firm evaluates the challenges faced by the company in order to improve processes, services and products based on people management. This means identifying what needs to be changed in the strategy and business model to retain talent and attract new professionals.

The Advisory and Consulting in Human Resources assists in the construction of a better relationship between employees and managers, as well as the implementation of changes aligned with the business strategy.

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