If your company wants to reduce costs with the People Management industry as well as increase the its productivity, the best alternative is to outsource the workforce. This service is a good alternative to cover absences and vacations, training new employees and reduce risk with labor actions.

However, despite numerous advantages, hire Outsourced labor is an action that requires caution. The outsourcing poor management can imply in the lack of control and knowledge of the contracted employees, financial loss in labor actions, among other aspects. Therefore, it is essential to deal with a reliable company!

Ravick Recursos Humanos offers a proactive and capable team that seeks to immerse in the universe of your business and adapt the practices of the HR sector according to the reality and strategy of your company.

This modality offers the contractor the freedom to engage with the activities purposes, leaving the bureaucracy of the tax and legal records contained in the CLT on behalf of Ravick.

Our extensive database enables quick employees’ replacement, facilitating the continuity of operations, avoiding bureaucracy regarding administrative and labor costs, and increasing the workforce without increasing operating costs.

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